Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gendry / Khal Drogo / Loras Tyrell


Why Marry? Because Gendry will stand by those he loves, as evidenced by all of the risks he's taken for Arya's sake. He will likely be a dedicated family man and, as a talented blacksmith, a reliable provider.
Why F***? Because all that blacksmithing has turned Gendry into a muscular young man who is skilled with his hands. And who wouldn't want to gaze longingly into those blue eyes all night?
Why Kill? Because as Robert's bastard son, he brings with him a lot of drama and a healthy dose of danger. Killing him would be for the good of the realm.

Khal Drogo

Why Marry? Because he is a gifted warrior and has shown how devoted and generous a husband he can be.
Why F***? Because he has proven himself to be a very powerful yet tender lover.
Why Kill? Because the Dothraki are prone to violent fighting and spend their free time pillaging cities. Or because you're a maegi.

Loras Tyrell

Why Marry? Because he is, quite literally, a knight in shining armor; beautiful and skilled, Loras is beloved by many. Plus, he might be up for an "open" relationship, if that's your thing.
Why F***? Because every girl in the Seven Kingdoms wants a piece, and how great would it be to be the one who actually gets to bed him?!
Why Kill? Because Loras is a little too full of himself, and the toll his heart has taken due to Renly's death could make him a bit too unpredictable.

Our Picks

Cedar: Marry Loras, F*** Gendry, Kill Khal Drogo
Erin: Marry Gendry, F*** Khal Drogo, Kill Loras
Jamie: Marry Khal Drogo, F*** Gendry, Kill Loras


  1. M: Gendry, F: Loras, K: Khal Drogo
    Let's be real; Gendry is all the good aspects of Robert Baratheon (and none of the bad) packed into a sexy form.
    Loras is definitely bisexual and definitely very pretty, so yeah, why not?
    Khal Drogo might be good in bed, but he is also pretty terrifying on the reg. He would also smell like horses, which is more appealing as a vague, "rugged" notion than it is in real life.
    P.S. Does Loras smell like flowers?

  2. This one's easy
    M Gendry, because he's a bit of all right
    F Khal, because he is imminently F-able
    K Loras, because he's a whiny little baby no matter what he can do with his...erm...sword.

  3. Marry Gendry, because he is handsome and a solid dude. F Loras, because he is good looking but a bit of an arrogant ass (Jaime sees a lot of his younger self in him), and kill Drogo, because if I killed that badass everyone would be terrified of me.

  4. absolutely marry gendry, because he's awesome, both in the show and the books (plus joe dempsie is eminently lovable); f*** khal drogo because, well, what red-blooded woman wouldn't want to?; kill loras. he is annoying and whiny.

    the end.