Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Asha Greyjoy / Sansa Stark / Ygritte

Asha Greyjoy

Why Marry? Because you want to marry a smart, assertive, modern woman who can wield an ax and a helm.

Why F****? Because homegirl is uninhibited as hell.

Why Kill? Because she probably has precisely zero qualms about killing you.

Sansa Stark

Why Marry? Because Sansa Stark was born to be a wife. At least that’s how she sees it, which is just as good. Sansa wants to dote on you, have your babies, and manage your castle while smiling politely and humming love songs.

Why F***? Because she’s a pretty lady full of romantic notions and a desire to please.

Why Kill? Because all that romance can be exhausting and annoying… and because you still haven’t forgiven her for what went down on the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor.




Why Marry? Because you won over this spearwife by capturing her by force, which is a lot less creepy beyond the Wall than it sounds.

Why F***? Because she is insatiable and kissed by fire.

Why Kill? Because Qhorin Halfhand implied that you probably should.

Our Picks

Cedar: Marry Ygritte, F*** Asha, Kill Sansa
Erin: Marry Asha, F*** Ygritte, Kill Sansa
Jamie: Marry Asha, F*** Ygritte, Kill Sansa



  1. M Sansa (because the poor kid needs a break at this point.
    F Ygritte (Um...Wildling!)
    K Asha (because she WILL kill you at some point.)

  2. M: Sansa, F: Asha, K: Ygritte
    Sansa is a Stark. Politically, it's the right move. She is smarter than she looks and sings pretty songs and embroiders things. #wifeskills
    Asha is mad cool but would be demanding and abrasive.
    I like Ygritte in general, but she continually tells you "you know nothing" (super annoying) and will cut your throat with a knife while you are asleep.
    - JMH