Monday, February 25, 2013

Jaime Lannister / Joffrey Baratheon / Theon Greyjoy

Jaime Lannister

Why Marry? Because he is fiercely loyal to his family, and he produces beautiful, blond children.
Why F***? Because he is arguably the most passionate lover in the Seven Kingdoms. In other words: He. Will. Ravish. You.
Why Kill? Because, c'mon, he's the Kingslayer, and clearly has no trouble reneging on his oaths.

Joffrey Baratheon

Why Marry? Because you'd get to be the Queen, with a capital Q.
Why F***? Because he definitely inherited the Lannister looks and hopefully inherited the family's bedroom skills as well.
Why Kill? Because he is clearly not the nicest king to have ever taken the throne. And he is a little too quick to the greatsword.

Theon Greyjoy

Why Marry? Because he is very driven when it comes to his goals. And that brooding, handsome face wouldn't be the worst thing to come home to day after day.
Why F***? Because he has lots of bedroom experience and many of his conquests come back for seconds.
Why Kill? Because he seems to have no trouble destroying anything - or anyone - that gets in the way of his plans.

Our Picks

Cedar: Marry Jaime, F*** Theon, Kill Joffrey
Erin: Marry Jaime, F*** Theon, Kill Joffrey
Jamie: Marry Jaime, F*** Theon, Kill Joffrey


  1. This one is a freebie. Agree!

  2. I believe I've already told you, but my picks would be:

    Marry Jaime
    F**K Jaime
    Kill Joffrey and Theon

    What? I can't mix and match?