Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Catelyn Tully / Cersei Lannister / Melisandre

Catelyn Tully

Why Marry? Because she has proven herself a dedicated wife and mother, always putting her family first, even if it upsets the kingdom's order.
Why F***? Because she has managed to keep her figure, despite giving birth to five children, and has always acquiesced to her husband's needs in the boudoir.
Why Kill? Because her poor decision-making skills keep getting her and her family into trouble. Plus, she was cruel to Jon Snow. How could anyone be cruel to Jon Snow?!

Cersei Lannister


Why Marry? Because if you're in her inner circle, you're golden, as she will stop at nothing to gain power and recognition for herself and her family.
Why F***?  Because she's basically the Barbie of Westeros. And I'm sure if you threw on a blonde wig, she'd love you even longer.
Why Kill? Because she's vicious and calculating. And you're a brunette.


Why Marry? Because when it comes to shadow-birthing priestesses, it's better to be by their side than against them.
Why F***?  Because her R'hllor magic probably comes with some erotic perks or powers. She's also as beautiful as she is mysterious.
Why Kill? Because no one (wo)man should have all that power. And if you look at her sideways, she's likely to sic her shadow assassin on you.

Our Picks

Cedar: Marry Melisandre, F*** Catelyn, Kill Cersei
Erin: Marry Melisandre, F*** Catelyn, Kill Cersei
Jamie: Marry Melisandre, F*** Cersei, Kill Catelyn

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  1. M Catelin
    F Cersei
    K Melisandre (because odd things live in her vajay.)